It’s Every Man For Himself

In every great battle there is a moment when opposing armies realize that they have either won or lost the conflict they find themselves in. The victor makes one last charge while the loser, realizing his command structure has broken down in disarray, heads for the hills.

So the call is going out to my four readers here and now . . . “IT”S EVERY MAN FOR HIMSELF!!” Find a way out of the compound, escape to the jungle and utilize the survival skills you have been taught . . . you’re on your own. Good luck.

As I sat before my TV last night watching the incentive debate going on between the republicans and the democrats I asked myself. Where’s the change? Where’s the earnest non-partisan effort of both parties to come together and get this thing done?

Now Obama will get his bill passed, but his own party has pretty much scuttled it’s affect in my opinion. I now know without a doubt (even though I hate to admit it to myself) the battle for change is over. It’s been bored to death by partisan business-as-usual and has gone AWOL.

It would have taken a herculean effort anyways to change anything in Washington politics and it was probably just to much to ask from the very beginning. I mean how do you make a silk purse out of a pigs ear anyways?

I had a lot of hope for Obama and his administration. His cry for change rang true in my ears. I thought maybe, just maybe he could lead this country out of the morass of in-fighting and bickering and do-nothing-but-pander-to-special-interests legislation used by previous elected officials that has brought this country to its knees. I had hope even though I knew Obama was going to have a tough time of it. Even though I knew he would never do much on his own. Even though . . .

Last night that hope dried up and blew away as I watched one Senator after another acting out of his/ her own ego, more concerned with a few moments in the spot light, more concerned with his/her pet beliefs and projects, more concerned with seemingly everything available than the ONLY thing he/she should be concerned with . . . putting together a viable, hard hitting incentive package that would get us out of this hole we have dug for ourselves.

I saw little of that sort of concern. Lot’s of rhetoric, the American people this, the American people that, but all said in the same vein of trying to prove THEIR point.

The democrats trying to fill the incentive bill with enough pork to make a pig sick.

The republicans crying the same old story of tax breaks for business and the rich.

Pelosi and crew aren’t about to give in to their wild liberal demands.

The republicans aren’t about to give up their kneeling spot beneath the Golden Calf of perverted capitalism.

And the beat goes on as together they chew each on others asses even as they fall “together” over the cliff.

The winds of change have even taken on the foul odor of fear mongering as Obama does much the same as George Bush did before him by trying to rush the 900 billion dollar incentive package through congress.

By the way aren’t these (congress) the same assholes who just approved themselves a raise? You would think that the collective wisdom amongst them would have raised a flag on this one. No?

This all equals another no . . . no hope. It’s all being flushed down the drain of self interest.

I believe Obama was the man for the hour, but the Rush Limbaugh (and others) buzzword of “socialism” (remember McCarthy and his “communism” witch hunt?) will prove impossible for him to deal with and he will spend most of his time defending himself and his administration when only a strong offense will win the day for ‘change’.

Is it the republicans fault? Is it the democrats fault? No. It’s everybody’s fault.

Perhaps it’s merely fate. Perhaps it’s just our time to die like everything eventually does and nothing can change it, but for certain history will not be kind to this generation as the record will show that when the ship of State sprung a leak and began to list her occupants were to busy arguing about how to apply the patch and she sunk from lack of attention.

Personally I’m done with politics (so you no longer need to put up with my rants 🙂 and am getting back in survival mode myself.

I have no more hope for change or for a fix or for anything else coming from Washington save a bunch of hot air, and it’s going to take a whole hell of a lot more than hot air to keep the folks sitting around their stoves this winter warm so I’m closing with (and I hope I’m wrong). . . one more time.


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