two Sisters

Two Sisters

 Two sisters were walking the beach early one morning at sunrise, when they came upon a number of shore birds running back and forth in front of the foamy surf. As the water advanced, the birds retreated, as the water retreated, the birds advanced. Over and over again the birds continued this strange behavior.

“Why don’t they take a break and just relax at the tide line?” The younger sister asked. “It would be so much easier for them because that’s where the food all ends up anyways. ”

“The surf offers up the freshest food,” said the older sister. “But the birds must be willing to dance with her in order to receive it.”

The younger sister, humbled by the beauty of the moment, lifted her arms towards the sky and said, “Dear God, thank YOU for this beautiful morning.”

The elder sister, understanding the intimacy of the moment, said, “My God, YOU are so beautiful this morning.”

Which of these sisters understood the meaning of ‘oneness’?

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