The Beauty of Not Knowing

I used to think that I needed to know everything concerning spiritual matters. I had to know all about death. I had to know all about God. Who, What, Where, When, and Why? . . . am I?

 The reasons for this or that was pretty important to me and I spent a whole lot of years studying everything I could in order to KNOW. I knew the bible practically verbatim, I understood New Age, Spiritualism, Eastern, Western religions. In various degrees I either believed or disregarded all the input and ultimately came about creating my own Way of understanding.

 Great! I now had my own doctrine and could begin to teach my ultimate “truth” to the rest of the world. (or at least the people around me)

 Yeah, right. Just what everybody needed, another half-baked prophet entering the mix. As if it wasn’t already loaded with enough bullshit to sink an aircraft carrier.

 Then one day I began to wonder why I needed to know all this stuff anyways. I knew for certain that Cause and Effect . . . Karma . . . Law of Sowing and Reaping or whatever else you wanted to call it worked cause it proves itself daily in our lives.

 Karl Jung’s synchronisity certainly made sense. Who hasn’t experienced the double witness affect in their life or heard a still small voice just at the right time?

 The other stuff? I don’t know. Do I really NEED to know anyways? I began to wonder and decided, no. What is, is. What will be will be, regardless whether I believe in it or not.

 Does anybody really believe that just because a person does not profess to a certain magical equation or take part in ritual that he is certain to go to the reported Hell after he dies? I mean just because I didn’t particularly like my father did that make him NOT my father? Wouldn’t a loving father love his son regardless?

 Maybe this is why we fear so much while the rest of the animal kingdom lives their lives day to day in happy ignorance. As a human, it’s not all instinctual like it seems to be in the rest of the animal kingdom. Sure we move many times according to instinct, but we also have the ability to choose. This can be a huge advantage to us . . . or it can be a huge liability depending on how we use the gift.

 I have learned that choosing kindness creates a karmic reciprocity that is quite enjoyable in the long run, so I would be a fool to fall for short term gain when, with a little patience, I shall inherit the entire kingdom. I don’t really need to KNOW. I need to REMEMBER to be kind, and everything else will take take care of itself.

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