Self Defense

The recent slaughter at a Connecticut grade school and the subsequent cry for gun control has left me in a bit of a quandary as to what would be the correct way to address this issue. More guns? Less guns? No guns at all? Do we arm the teachers? Do we police the schools? Do we just realize the hopelessness of it all, chalk it up to the cost of doing business in a free society and get on with it by doing nothing at all?

Personally I believe that the latter shall prevail. Obama will posture . . . the NRA will posture . . . The media will make lots of money flooding the air waves with their posturing, but in the final analysis, although their may be a half-assed attempt to ban military type weapons, everybody will ultimately concede to the fact that it is the cost of doing business in a free and open society and pretty much forget about the whole thing . . . until the next killing spree. Then, once again, the knee jerker’s will come out of the closet and blame each other for the sad state of affairs we find ourselves in.

What to do? . . . What to do? . . . The sad fact is that neither side of the argument can handle the truth concerning what we need to do in order to get this country back on it’s feet. Because in the final analysis WE created this cesspool of violence and depravity we live in. This is what WE did with our freedom.

We didn’t become the arms dealer of the world over night. We didn’t become a society steeped in violence over night . . . and we damn sure aren’t going to escape the backlashes of this cluster fuck we have created overnight either. So what are we gonna do?

In the projects where I was born fists were used to resolve problems. Even amongst the adult men you’d occasionally see a donnybrook of a fist fight.

Us kids followed a strict pecking order where the toughest guy in the bunch ruled the roost. Everything you did or didn’t do applied directly to the position you held in that order. In the projects a guys reputation meant everything.

Today kids are no longer allowed to fist fight. No bullies. No pecking order. We have all grown above that sort of thing, haven’t we? . . . or are we just pretending. Seems to me that today every twirp with an attitude has access to a gun that he can use to make himself a tough guy. Today they fight with guns.

I grew up in the roughest neighborhood in the city yet I never saw a drawn weapon until I entered the military . . . rarely, except for my dad, did I ever see anyone use a club in a fight. We can say what we want about how far we’ve come from the post war days and how genteel we have become and bullshit ourselves into believing it, but under this thin veil of respectability we are not much different than our cave dwelling ancestors.

We dropped the Victorian (as well as the Queensbury) rules during the social changes of the sixties, but we must ask ourselves, Are we better off today with this new found freedom? Since I’ve actually lived in both eras I’d have to say, No, not really.

Oh, we’ve done some things right, women have benefited greatly because of the women’s movement . . . we’ve made huge advances in medicine and technology, but when it comes to the human condition I think we should have taken a deeper look before we opened the gates and unleashed hell upon ourselves. This freedom has not, it seems, helped us one bit when it comes to our evolution as a species.

Mass media has only used this freedom to bathe our kids in violence and pornography and pettiness.

The 2nd amendment, instead of freeing us, has helped create an environment where we live in more fear of one another than any time in our past recent history. . . (used to be a chicken in every pot . . . now it’s an arsenal in every home . . .)

Look what the sexual revolution caused . . . we got to have more orgasms, but at what cost?

So, instead of wringing our hands over another schoolhouse slaughter and coming up ultimately with no answer . . . what are we going to do now?

It’s time to really start thinking about all this stuff instead of pointing fingers and hatreds towards the opposition . . . because in all reality in order to be truly free we all need each other more than we need our pet assumptions. What we really need first is a reality check.

How about instead of manning up with weapons, we learn to be kind to one another. That’s a freedom also, and it’s really not that difficult.

How about we start by giving little Johnnie the word that it is NOT OK to sit in front of his computer for hours at a time playing war games.

How about instead of glorifying war we get real and tell our kids the truth about that most vile of institutions.

How about instead of little Johnnie learning about sex on some porn site on the Internet we figure how to keep his horny little ass off of it and start teaching him ourselves that a women is far more that a sex object.

How about also teaching little Johnnie that discipline IS necessary, that there ARE rules of engagement that we need to live by and how about we start enforcing a few of them ourselves.

In all good conscience . . . in the way things are in this country at this moment, if given the authority, I would not have the guts to ask any law abiding citizen to hand in his weapon.

How about we quit screaming about gun control and those who own them and start building a society where they won’t be needed.

We sure as hell can do it if we want to, we created this mess we live in today didn’t we?

We will change it one thought, one action, at a time. First within ourselves, later, if and when enough people get on the bandwagon, our society at large will shift towards that positive pole also.

Obama ain’t gonna do it . . . Jesus ain’t gonna do it . . . if it is ever going to get done WE are gonna do it.






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