Your Way

Do you have one?

What are you doing to secure yourself and your family for the coming social/economic/environmental crisis?


Do you even believe there is a problem?

If you do, are you just sitting around praying it will all be over soon so you can go back to life the way it was before all these environmental issues began pummeling the planet? Or before our industrial base took a slow boat to China?

Are you praying for work to pick up? The oceans to heal themselves? How is that going to happen?

Praying the slump will be over? Without decent jobs? Praying global warming is a joke despite the evidence? . . . never happen.

Praying Jesus will come soon to whisk you away in the rapture? Ha!

Praying the right people will get elected and straighten up the whole mess that has taken us at least 45 years to create? Double HA!

Whatever you believe and however you pray is your own business. You have that right. But if you take the time to study some of these social/economic/environmental trends (and there is a plethora of information out there) it’s not difficult to see the net is closing around us as we swim like a school of salmon in a smaller, smaller circle.

The guy in the middle of the net doesn’t feel a lot of pressure yet, but the guy against the ropes is totally freaked out and in a virtual panic as he senses he is about to be trapped, hauled in, dropped in a hold to suffocate and eventually be eaten. Are you having a hard time breathing yet?

Right now it depends on where you live I suppose, but I predict that eventually the whole country will be kicking and splashing around gasping for air . . . all except, perhaps, the guys who have prepared. Wasn’t that the boy scout motto? Be Prepared.

Anyways it’s smart to do something to get your life under control right now, regardless of whether you continue your tiptoe through the tulips or not.

So why don’t you just sit down with your family, remain positive, and figure out what you can do just in case this old nut knows what he’s talking about?

To merely survive the coming crisis, but to survive and be left standing in dead corpses we could have kept alive is unacceptable. We must do this thing together. We must adapt to and enjoy the ride together. That way when it’s all over we will be standing, perhaps in a different environment, but it will have been one hell of a wild and merry ride that produced lots of stories to tell the grand kids.

So how are we gonna do it?

As a start the most important thing to do when on a survival path is to first get your mind fine tuned and under control, because every thought you act upon from now on will be creating either a stepping stone or a stumbling block for you. Every step you take down this path will have far reaching consequences. Only the strong in mind and body will survive once the safety net has been shot full of holes.

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