Global Warming


It looks as if EPA is about to take a hit from the Trump administration. Everybody knows Trumps viewpoint when it comes to global warming and Myron Ebell, Trumps choice to lead his environmental team seconds that emotion in spades. Myron, a prominent climate change skeptic, has made a career of advancing theories that question the scientific underpinnings of global warming although he is not a scientist and has never worked for the agency whose environmental mission he has attacked for years.

Environmentalists have called his selection a “sick joke.” Even some Republicans wonder how someone who has spent most of his career at the Competitive Enterprise Institute, a conservative think tank, could be thrust into a prominent role that includes interviewing agency staff, identifying potential employees and designing a new direction for EPA under a president who has threatened to shrink its authority. (Emily Holden and Kavya Balaraman)

As an environmentalist I am alarmed because I truly believe that when it comes to the environment Mr. Trump as well as Myron, don’t know their asses from a hole in the ground when it comes to the reality of climate change.

The simple answer to the issues on their side is that climate change is not caused by human interference at all, therefore it is unnecessary and nonproductive to attempt to control naturally occurring events that have been going on since the beginning of time. . . . and of course on our side we see the sky falling and the planet dying a slow, sickly, death.

In a recent essay on global warming I mentioned: Global Warming is a nebulous word, no one knows what the hell it means for sure anyway. Lets get down to basics, drop the long range bombs and go at it with fists and knives against POLLUTION . . . this is a word we all understand, we all can see, we all can smell, we all can do something about . . . AND if we really get serious about it we CAN make REAL change in our warming climate.

We all know instinctively what to do. . . . as is we are pissing on a forest fire believing that doing some good is better than doing nothing at all . . . well it isn’t. We might as well forget about it if the current state of action is all we are planning on doing.

Really what the hell difference does it make if change is a natural occurrence or not? Does it really matter to the overall effect of the state of the planet? Aren’t we at the present time more concerned in laying blame (as usual) than really getting after this thing and restoring the natural balance?

What I sadly see today are ineffectual measure being taken all across the board that will have very little effect on the end result. As is we  all know subconsciously that the boat is sinking, we all are gathered around the bilge pump arguing about what to about it when all we need is one person to reach out and grab the handle and start pumping. . . can someone do that? I doubt it. If we follow the normal pattern of humanity we will wait until sea is lapping at the gunwales before we get serious. . . .and then it will be too late. We will all go down together, pointing fingers and accusing until the water fills are lungs an we choke to death on our own inaction. . . . nice.


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