What If . . .

shaking handsWhat if the plant world was intelligent and cunning and patient and not at all living a passive existence? What if they evolved through millenniums just as we have, but their evolutionary trail traveled in a different direction in order to insure a beneficial relationship. (We breathe oxygen, they make oxygen)

What if, because of the need to protect itself, the plant kingdom has decided to break the peaceful relationship with us? What if it has chosen to go to war with humankind and eradicate us because it realizes we are madly out of sync and capable of destroying the whole planet?

Sounds like pseudo science fiction I suppose, but in their defense . . .

Man has chosen to play ‘Creator’ and manipulate the DNA in plants that have taken millenniums to evolve as they are.

Man has chosen to pollute the oceans, thereby ultimately killing them as well as all life forms within them.

Man has chosen to pollute and destroy the ground upon which he lives . . . and the air he breathes . . . and and the rivers and lakes he drinks from.

I have no problem visualizing that the earth sees us as a pariah and is in great alarm as to our next move. A millennia of evolution that we barely comprehend can not be pleased with our usage of half-baked science to change the natural ebb and flow of things we hardly understand. We, in all our learned ignorance, threaten all life’s very existence . . . . .

We live in a place of great magic, but we don’t see it because we have been blinded by greed for gold and the lust for Power, Position, and Possessions. Man is a sorry lout, I doubt we will voluntarily change, but I do see a day when we will dropped from the roster. Personally I’m good with that . . . we will only get what we deserved.



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