You Mean We Are Responsible For This?

willfully-blindMy thought on the birthing of the universe is a simple one: (a) Every creative act we take as a human being begins with a thought so to me that means the creation of the universe also began with a thought, and the Big Bang theory is merely the way science has chosen to explain the “thought” that broke the boundary between spirit and matter to become our physical existence.

In other words : We all, right now, exist in both realms (spirit as well as material) and that none of this, whatever it is that we are experiencing, both good and bad, is ‘by chance’ . . . WE (or our version of a God) have created our physical existence for a reason and that reason is to gain experience. . . . for what I do not know.

We are creators . . . we create our tomorrows by the thoughts we act upon today.

In the material world, we live under laws that were created in the spirit and experience their duality via the action of our own creativity. As in ‘we have created the house and now must live in it’.

In order to more simply explain the law of duality I have attached verse Two of my book, “Tao Te Ching Revisited”:


We only know beauty because there is ugliness.

We only know good because there is evil.

Without this duality how would we learn to make the right choices?

How would we grow in wisdom?

How would we experience the joy if we had not the counter weight of sorrow?

For every positive in life there is a negative to accompany it.

A wise man understands the necessity for duality, but he does not succumb to it’s negative influence, rather he seeks a perfect balance between the two.

A wise man enjoys the learning curve he must take to create the object far more than it’s completion.

A wise man has the ability to see both sides of an argument.

He knows that perception leads the hearts of men, and makes allowances for it’s deception in others as well as himself.

He is empathetic towards those who take the opposite view, and never glories in prideful conceit.

His success goes with him and his works endure forever. (end)

If you think you are being cursed by God (who just may be your higher conscience) or are behind the eight ball for no reason, think again, chances are you created all this chaos for yourself for reasons unknown.

That’s what we do, both corporately and individually, out of fear, hatred, greed and love of power, position and possession.

Because we live in fear of our own power we have created Gods to either beg or blame for all the chaos we create among ourselves on this planet . . . . so when we kill each other, pollute and destroy our environment, and defile our bodies in so many ways . . . we are killing ourselves and bringing vast amounts of karma down upon our silly heads.

This will all end in time as soon as we reunite with our higher consciousness and begin to create the love and peace that we are now begging the unknown Gods for.

It is happening today, slow and steady, and will speed up as soon as we quit running in fear from the reality of the fact that we are creating all of it.

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