The Way Of An Acorn


Today I am adding a “types and shadows” section to this blog . . . not because I consider myself to be a spokesperson for God ( like pastors and preachers of all ilk do when they read from a book and play the “God told me to tell you” game.)  . . . I am a loner and I don’t understand religion at all . . . I DO feel, though, that it is very important for all of us to begin realizing that we are ALL spokespersons for God and our purpose on this planet is not to plunder and rape our mother as we are now doing.

Anyway, since I now see that Creedence Clearwater’s ‘bad moon’ has already risen, I have decided to write (what I consider to be) the reality behind the spiritual lessons our earth mother is trying to teach us.  Her types and shadows are everywhere . . . and they all point in the same direction.. . . . to a God far different and far more mysterious than that old man in the clouds with his hierarchy to heaven. . . . we are in heaven right now, but because we are too dumb to realize it, we have created our heaven into our hell.

Following is a story I wrote some years ago about a people who got lost immediately upon arrival because they chose to worship rather than observe closely and learn the truths contained in this wonderful dimension we find ourselves sharing in.

This is a passage from the KJV, it’s taken out of Romans 18-32, that famous few verses where God pretty much includes everything and everybody into His wrath because of their idolatrous nature.

Romans 1:18-32
King James Version (KJV)

18 For the wrath of God is revealed from heaven against all ungodliness and unrighteousness of men, who hold the truth in unrighteousness;

19 Because that which may be known of God is manifest in them; for God hath shewed it unto them.

20 For the invisible things of him from the creation of the world are clearly seen, being understood by the things that are made, even his eternal power and Godhead; so that they are without excuse:

Ok, let’s pretend I’m God and I’m trying to tell you guys something, but your aggravating me because you’re not listening.

ME: Ok guys look here. This planet I made is for you. Now the reasons why I made it is none of your business, but I want you to know what I expect you to do with it.

YOU: Oh most holy God we could never understand the glory and the greatness and the wonder and . . .

ME: Shut up and listen to me will you?! This is important! I need your full and undivided attention here.

YOU: silence

ME: Creating a physical presence out of spiritual nothingness is tricky business, but I am very proud to say I have accomplished it. This planet is one beautiful place . . . but it is not perfect. That part I left up to you guys.

Now, listen up. The reason I created you guys in the first place is that I need you to be my caretakers . . . your duties will be to TAKE CARE of everything I made and keep it in order.

That means everything that is alive. You also have been given the power to create. That means this whole project can become your heaven or if you go stupid on me . . . your hell.

YOU: Oh thank you great and wonderful and wise and holy . . .

ME: You guys testing me?? . . . Now, the way it works is that everything that is alive is ME . . . just take my word for it . . . that means as you study the environment, the flora, the fauna, and all the creeping things and all the animals . . . you are studying, and getting to know, ME.

This is the only way we can communicate and the only way we will ever communicate. You cannot come to me because I AM already here. I am also YOU.

When you are asked my name by your children and your children’s children just tell them I AM . . .

Ok . . . I love you, I will always be with you . . . now get busy!

YOU: Oh thank you great and wonderful and wise and holy . . .

ME . . . (silence). . . . . . . .

YOU: GOD!! Where are you?? . . . Quick, set up an altar! Pray . . .Pray! . . . Pray!! . . . WHERE IS HE?

We are so afraid! Hurry we must subdue this planet . . . Kill all these animals and sacrifice them . . . Get rid of these damn trees!

OH MY GOD! WE forgot what He said already . . . Quick, write a book! . . . Build a temple! . . . We need an image! . . . We need something or someone to worship! . . . we need . . . We Need . . . WE NEED!!

Off in the distance a cloud formed dark and ominous and full of lightning and thunder. It grew until it encompassed the entire ocean. It moved inland towards the frightened caretakers as they bowed before their altars and prayed for deliverance.

The cloud burst upon them and pummeled them with rain for forty days and forty nights until every vestige of humanity had been erased off the planet. Man had once again drowned in his own ignorance. . . . by his own choice.

God wept, but began again.

31 thoughts on “The Way Of An Acorn

      1. I’m glad you are smiling but I do think that you’re a bit stingy with your replies – a smiley face or nothing. Maybe it’s to do with your Hebrew roots. Calling you a knave would have been a bit harsh, Gentle 20th. Generation Hebrew SON – according to – – -. ?

      2. ok . . . i’m notably incognito on purpose . . .PS I am not Hebrew . . . I am a Caucasian American Indian with a decidedly Oriental twist . . . I actually went to your website and after I figured it out I realized a bit of genius in the way you write . . so . . .what can I do for you Sibyl? JJ Knave at your service madam . . .

      3. Thank you! but my informant insists that your Roots ID are of Arab, HEBREW stock. He wants me to remind you of an ANCIENT, OMI-JEW called ELIJAH. HE says that you are a SON of ELIJAH. (Think about it.) I personally don’t know who or what you are. What did you think saying you’re Caucausian would change? How do you know you’re not from Ancient Hebrew stock? Anyway, you try tracing the maiden-names of the child-bearing line. You can’t! You can only trace both lines sire-names. Never mind the spoils of war cuckolds. The maidens must be incognito – mustn’t they.

      4. Thank you so much for replying to my reply, in your altered state. I can only apologize for the misunderstanding that has occurred. Priests? I never said that you were the SON of a Priest. Nothing could be further from my mind, But, It seems that I might be right about the Priests in your ‘Weird dream’. You are right about trying to be your own person. I’m sorry for my spelling mistakes, ignorance & lack of clarity. I’m keeping my promise now. Sibyl

      5. Sibyl . . . I am not an old fuddy duddy . . .I love the way you write . . . I just need to understand you because IMO you are one far out lady . . .so tell me about this guy who told you I was of Jewish stock? as I feel no connection at all to the middle east and a whole lot to the Orient. J

      6. Thank you. I feel a whole lot better now. (I get paralyzed with fear.) After the Star-Wars’ HOLOCAUST – SOMEONE: – Who survived Life’s dying ember? When fanned new circles of Life remember. Someone must have Lived to see MYTH’S NIGHTMARES – OLYMPIAN-GODS’S DOWNFALL: it was ZEUS – JOHN (The Baptist) EMMANUEL ZEUS, who became KING OF KINGS & LORD OF LORDS. Its all in my Blog. Oriental People are special too, but EVIL has also Reigned. Don’t think that your SOUL has been Limited to this-times Root ID reincarnation Journey. You SPIRIT, have been Reincarnated 20 times. Try proving that!

      7. pretend like I am really serious and explain to me carefully.
        #1. where you get your info.
        #2. If I had twenty lives . . . if this one is #20- start at 19 and work backwards. (if you want to of course) BUT since you drew me out of incognito you now owe me a gift, . . . and I will try to reciprocate 🙂 PS my guide does not talk to me . . .

      8. I’m not at all computer literate. I struggle to remember the basic steps I’m achieving now, so don’t try to confuse me with your cryptic computer jargon. If you had your head banged against a brick wall then maybe you’d see Stars and hear your Guide being able to get through your DEAD Ectoplasms’ dead CYTOPLASMS – so please try to get your priorities right. Due to your final word (you haven’t let your WARRIOR’S ALTER-EGO AUTONOMY go) your Higher-Enlightenment isn’t going to be at my Expence.

      9. seems I hit a soft spot? . . . it’s like this: the internet is the wild west . . . I don’t know you – you don’t know me. all we have is writing.

        You are bringing up very deep subjects concerning me and I am asking for clarification . . . that is all. if you had a physical banging of the head and that opened you up to other realms . . . it happens, I’m sure. . . . and I am interested in what you have to say . . . BUT this is the internet . . . I have no cryptic computer jargon and I am being respectful IMO. Computer literacy has nothing to do with it . . . what you say does . . . you can’t tell me you know all these things about my past lives and not have me question you? Common Sibyl this ain’t Chucky Cheeses (a place where kids hang out) . . . I am not that gullible. Higher enlightenment be damned . . . I’m pretty comfortable where I am at. . . . anyway I have been banging my head against the wall for many years now and there is a reason why I hang out with my pack of dogs instead of human beings. Incognito is not a bad way to be . .

      10. All I did was dip a tentative toe in the water and dared to like & comment on your posts. I don’t know what 1# or 2# or OMI means. I didn’t bring up your very deep subjects – they were subjects that you felt comfortable in airing. I thought I was backing your rebuttals. It just shows you that the devil’s in the detail, like you think he is now. I would have liked to have added – so don’t walk under Jacob’s ladder so you miss, Esau’s JUDAS followers who’ll receive a JEZEUS kiss. It will cost him a damn sight more than 30 pieces of gold or pottage. I have never read the Bible but I seem to have Sub-consciously picked up useful bits and pieces of relative information that are also in Dictionaries. JACOB’S ladder is cryptic for DNA. If you’re only concerned with yourself then I can’t help you. You’ll have to find your own piece of mind in your own back garden.

      11. #1 means number one #2 means two and so forth…meaning I had 2 questions and was breaking them down . . . I don’t believe in a devil . . . you came across as being psychic and I was interested . . . you brought up my lineage being Hebrew and I was interested . . . I’m not looking for help only clarification on what you are saying about being told things.

        The only place any of us can find peace of mind is in our own back garden . . . that’s something I have realized for many years.

        Anyways your always welcome to comment on my posts . . . . and I’ll stay behind the fence to my own back yard . . . 🙂 (no hard feelings) I believe it’s not OMI but IMO ‘in my opinion’ you might want to remember that because it is used a lot on the web.

      12. I’ve just realized that you might be warning me off because of the content in my blog-posts. (Don’t mess with the big-boys?) Your questions suggest that you haven’t been doing your homework, and I know your not gullible. However, it does suggest that you have an ulterior motive? I probably wouldn’t survive in gun-slinging America, I mean on the internet, without being in cognito too.

      13. I’ve just realized that you might be warning me off because of the content in my blog-posts. (Don’t mess with the big-boys?)
        No warnings to do anything . . . no ulterior motive . . . no gunslinging . . . and on the net you must find your own sweet spot . . . I like blog and dislike facebook & twitter. I’m sorry if I disturbed you as i mean you no harm . . . so have a nice day and I will too . . .

      14. CLARIFICATION according to this Sibyl:
        You have always been a force for GOOD (Prophet) throughout your many Humane lifetimes here = SON. Your Spirit experiences each one as if it was a first. The total adds up to a single drop of rain in all the oceans, or – a particle of dust on all the winds.
        WHEREAS – Your SOUL (sub-conscious) retains every lifetimes Traumas. SOUL-SPIRITS’ life-spans are Infinite. We are part of The Cosmos – and The Cosmos is part of us. I don’t need a reply from you smiley-face – it’s the least I could do.

      15. You are and have always been a Prophet. Your essays are Prophetic. Your HEART is full of LOVE but Romantically SHY (not by choice). So your SOUL allows this-times ECO-WARRIOR a Modern way of Communicating to the World who you Really are (incognito) so your TENDER HEART doesn’t get UNBEARABLY Broken. It shows in your GUARDED one to one lack of communication skills. When it comes to CHOICE – If only we could be the Person our SPIRIT LONGS to be we’d be FULFILLED – wouldn’t we.

      16. You know how you have to look through that “magic eye” pixellated art work a certain way before the 2D image leaps into focus – magic books written by Ethereal Soul people are much the same. (They’ve been mistranslated by Scholars.) I know that the Cosmos is ‘The ALMIGHTY OMNIPOTENT GOD. I’m told that it’s really a VAST Computerized System that Ethereal Spirits come from ETC.Etc.etc.

  1. If I was the son of Elijah I am now the prodigal son of Elijah as I find all priesthoods, be they christian/arab/hebrew, to be stumbling blocks between man and God. Who needs a priest when an open eye is all that is required? Or an instruction book for that matter when His message is written on the wind and revealed in the flame as well as the acorn? . . . . My flesh and blood body is classified Caucasian . . . my spirit being (the true me) is decidedly who I said it was. . . so if I have a line back to ancient Israel it is in flesh only. . . . don’t understand last two sentences.

  2. Dear JJ
    Some replies are out of order.
    It doesn’t bother me, but it might bother your Readers.

    Did you mean to end our rapport like you have?

    It’s a little early to wish you a Merry Christmas, so
    I’ll send you & your Family my Best Wishes.
    Sibyl X

    1. I am not on the computer that much and rarely talk to anybody . . . so NO to your question.

      As to my readers, because of my subject matter, I get few comments and give fewer replies. . .

      BUT there is hope for you finding friends, Facebook is a great place to have rapport with fellow webbers . . . give it a try . . . you can join groups, message and get replies all day. My wife does belongs to it and uses her phone to connect with all her friends.

      My friends are all dogs and we have a different language. 🙂

      Merry Christmas to you and yours also!

      1. Can’t you just move the odd ending, or take it off all together and just wish me & mine a Merry Christmas.

        You’re the only person that’s ever answered me because of my subject matter, and my controversial (against the Bible) messages, so I know how it feels.
        I thank you for that and my free adverts on your Posts JJ. I’m smiling.

  3. I Hope you’re still riding your horse out of your comfort-zone on Earth – and don’t forget you have already Earned your Wings & Friends.

    The C of E is The Ruling CHURCH in England, Thank GOD, and I’m driving them Mad too
    (by post) XXX

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