Free Thought


First of all before I even start this series I need to tell you guys what free thinking means to me or else we will get lost in interpretation. What I am reading as I research this subject is that atheism is somehow connected to free thought. That you must  be a free thinker in order to not believe in something like god.

That premise is ridiculous. In my opinion, atheism is just another form that a true believer takes as he tries to fit himself into someone else’s box. I am an Atheist . . . I am a born again Christian . . . I am (whatever) is merely lining yourself up to the belief system of a larger crowd. One that believes exactly as you do. One that gives you the security to prognosticate upon your deep and heavy beliefs. It’s like comparing chicken noodle to vegetable soup. Atheism is not the home of a free mind, it is just another resting place for a wandering soul.

So what IS a free thinker?

A free thinker is a person having as few as possible boundaries surrounding his thought patterns. Someone who is open to anything, willing to think upon it and to logically come up with an idea he feels comfortable in, even if he stands alone in the midst of laughter and derision. He is willing to acknowledge social rules as well as moral obligations, but he is not a blind follower of anybody – president, pastor, teacher or parent.

He questions everything that those who have power over him says and doesn’t take their high sounding words for granted. A free thinker will probably not be the leader, nor will he be a follower. He will be the watcher blending into the crowd. He will be first to pick up the bullshit and the first to warn. Therefore he will also be the first to become a political prisoner, a back slider, a rebel and a malcontent to those in the lead.

A free thinker has broken free from the matrix and no longer adheres to it, rather he has chosen to use his creative powers unencumbered and as free from them as possible. He has found the pathway to fulfilling the fullness of his life and refuses to budge off it.

Having the ability to think sensibly should be the goal of every intelligent human being in this country. It seems, though, that the majority of the good folks making up this society fear critical thinking like the plague. They have given up the right to think for themselves alongside the rest of the rights promised them by our forefathers and now wander a pathway not much more exciting than a hogs life on a modern North Carolina hog farm.

We eat junk, we breathe pollution, we revel in filth and stink to high heaven . . . and like the hog seeking a cool spot on a sunny day dig ourselves even deeper into the dirt.

Donald Trump is a demagogue, rabble rouser of the first degree and yet he is the choice of those many taking his simple but false promises to heart . . . as if he really could make America great again. Anybody with half a brain should be able to read through that bullshit.

Hillary is a shill for the corporate state, and as retched a liar as her husband before her. And yet those most disenfranchised will line up to vote for her because she promised to fight for them . . . as if she really could, or even would. Anybody with half a brain should be able to read through that bullshit.

Our system and way of life is collapsing around us as we argue about who gets to use what bathroom.  We watch no news on TV except the constant ‘soap opera for ratings’ about this stupid election for nobody, while the rest of the world is collapsing around us. These are all signs that we as a people, individually, need to start thinking about what we are doing and where we are heading if we don’t want to continue on this way. . . .

The National Council for Excellence in Critical Thinking defines critical thinking as the intellectually disciplined process of actively and skillfully conceptualizing, applying, analyzing, synthesizing, and/or evaluating information gathered from, or generated by, observation, experience, reflection, reasoning, or communication, as a guide to belief and action.

That is the definition I am using. That’s what we will be trying to do on this blog. Anybody who wants to can join in and comment.

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