There’s No Going Back . . .

going back

We hear a lot these days about going back in time to our past greatness, back to that quieter and gentler era when everybody who wanted to, could get a decent job promising fully paid health benefits and a pension upon retirement. Back to the days of Ozzie and Harriet and John Wayne and American heroism . . . it ain’t gonna happen folks. I wish we could do that, but we can’t. It is impossible. We have opened the floodgates to hell and once opened there is no closing them. We cannot hold a meeting and beg forgiveness to the world community like Obama tried, nor will we be able to hardnose our way out of this mess like Trump thinks we can . . . the piper has played and he must be payed.

We as a nation cannot go back in time and start over. We have gone too far, made too many mistakes, and have too many enemies. Our enemies have found our soft underbelly and are now biding their time like wolves following a herd of caribou. In the real world we are slowly being culled out by those many nations who have lost all respect for us.

We have already given up our past advantage by bullying our way to dominance. Once there, instead of uplifting those in the third world, we took advantage of them. We wanted all their stuff and we conned and forced our way until we got it . . . and now the bill is due.

This is what happens to empires who lead by the strength of arms. Throughout history it has been the same thing over and over again. Anybody who believes the masses beyond our borders are waiting with open arms to welcome us into the fold like the prodigal son, can forget it. The masses are pissed, they are sick of us, they want blood . . . ours.

There are those who will continue to believe in Obama’s message. There are those who will believe in Trumps message. There are those who will even believe Hillary’s lies. There  are also those who have read their own tea leaves and are quietly preparing to meet the army of chaos lying beyond the horizon. I hope you are one of them. We could have remained the champ forever, but when the earth cried for a caretaker we gave it yet another self righteous, tin horned ruler . . . and now the bill is due.


One thought on “There’s No Going Back . . .

  1. Hi again! I suspect that if one’s Inherited ANCIENT ANCESTOR’S WARRIOR Ego-GENE feels that it’s Leadership is a matter of Life & Death, for GOD & Country, then that descendant is Driven to say whatever it takes to get him/her into omnipotent power. When one finds themselves being deserted faster than anyone-else before them, that’s when one’s virtual Reality gets SLAUGHTERED, and the Pain of Failure must be Crucifying – even if one survives Mortality.

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