Small House Living


The way of life in this country is changing, of that I have no doubt. Personally I am broke most of the time. The things we used to do we no longer can. It costs too much to drive our vehicles, grocery shop and heat the house for us to go on even a real day trip. I’ve been saving for six weeks just to get enough money together to buy materials to roof my dojo.

Ok, I’m retired on a fixed income, I have enough to eat, a roof over my head and I live in a nice little valley with tree covered hills surrounding it. I shouldn’t complain, right? I should be content, but am I? . . . you’re damn right I am!

I’m happy as a deer in springtime. I’m happy as my pitbull who just stole a bone from my Rottweiler . . . I’m so damn happy most of the time that I often wonder why the rest of the folks I know are complaining so much.

My goal to help them be as happy and content as me WITHOUT their cash and credit cards. Since we are spending more time these days at home, I feel it is imperative we make the place as warm and cozy as possible. Of course those words mean different things to different folks. I’ll tell you what my wife and I did to assure that feeling for ourselves, and then perhaps you can figure out your own way within your own parameters.

First step, design your home’s interior yourself, don’t spend your limited cash on interior designers to do it for you. Some of the coldest houses I ever saw came from a designer and his book of tricks. Your house should fit YOUR personality not be a Vogue catalog look alike.

Actually, do as much designing as you can for yourselves, it makes you feel good to sit back and say, “hey I did that!” Ego? sure, but it stills feels good!

I personally designed and built this house we live in and all the outbuildings surrounding it mostly by myself. I did all the interior work and built quite a bit of the furniture also.

Now, I attempt to be a humble man and I don’t walk around this property patting myself on the back and tooting my horn all the time . . . but damn I’m proud of it! My roots are planted on this hillside . . . and that is something for a man who wandered rootless across this country for at least sixty four years.

Anyways, beings I am a retired builder, I’m going to offer my expertise to those interested out there who need help figuring out their own situation when it comes to small and simple life styles.

As a rule allotment grade McMansions are cheaply built and about as cold as this winter was when it comes to warm and cozy . . . but even then there are things you can do to keep the cabin fever demon at bay. My fee for advice is as always . . . free (and we don’t take donations)

The cabin we live in . . . .








from the living area to the library








This is the library and music room . . .  essential in a small home.




































This is the stair to the loft 2nd bedroom








living room and kitchen






















Everywhere we look in this house my wife and I see ourselves. therefore we don’t mind staying at home . . . 🙂

2 thoughts on “Small House Living

  1. What’s LOVE got to do with it JJ Walters? EVERYTHING! ‘Home is where the Heart is’ – is a well-known saying. If that’s true then that must prove that many people haven’t found their own Heart yet – probably because they’re searching in the wrong places. It’s just the same with Love.

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