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This rebuttal is not aimed at proving the author’s or anybody else’s belief system wrong . . . my goal is to prove that, what was once considered a solid foundation to the faith, has been compromised and, because of failure to move forward, Christianity has become an anchor stuck in the sands of time. There is more. Jesus said there was . . . Paul and the prophets said there was and the state of today’s Christianity  proves  there is much, much, more.

In this blog I will be discussing only the Christian religion because that is the only one I am fully acquainted with. Islam, Hebrew, and all the rest I can only judge from a distance, but common sense tells me that if they worship the God of love and peace as they say, both have a long way yet to go on their journey.  

I am often going to use scripture as a foundation for this rebuttal. Although I personally see the bible as a compilation of Israeli history in the first part and a history of the ancient church in the second, there is absolutely no doubt in my mind that the book itself was written via the inspiration of holy men who looked to their God for the strength and wisdom to write it. The bible is a special book, but still just a book. The creator of the heavens and the earth cannot possibly be contained within a book that few can read and even fewer fully understand what they’ve just read.

I consider the Old Testament prophets to have been real people who wrote their stories both actual as well as metaphorically and the  book of the New Testament followed suit. In my opinion, although the books are full of knowledge and wisdom on a grand scale, anything else such as “God’s instruction book to mankind,” rather than a story ABOUT God makes it a magical autobiography. I do not believe in magic books.

I DO believe in a magical planet inhabited by a zillion life forms all consisting of that magical quantity called life. All placed in a magical universe the size and breadth of which travels far beyond our puny imaginations to comprehend. I see the same things when I think about the creator of it all and I truly believe the Word can only be viewed in its entirety on the spiritual plain.  

So after all that I might add that I have created this to be open debate because I realize that I do not have full knowledge of anything and am hoping to learn more . . . not argue the fine points, but to look beyond all that and learn, if possible, through open and honest debate.

Following is the rebuttal on the essay in Q&A form  

PS From now all posts will be back dated so they can be confined to the Debate page.

One thought on “Purpose For Debate Page

  1. My Word! Has something or someone inspired you? I love your Effortless writing style so much that I haven’t yet been able to keep my word. I’m not a liar or delusional. I’m stone cold sober & anomalous (& Aperger’s). Thank you . . .

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