I am a creator.

We all are.

I create my tomorrows by acting upon the thoughts I have today.

We all do.

Creativity begins with a thought.

Perhaps the universe was created in the same manner?

In the beginning the creator/artist had a thought.

Following the thought came a vision of the work in the artists mind.

Following the vision came the gathering of materials.

Following the gathering of materials came the process of creating.

Following the process of creating came the actual creation.

Whether the universe or a landscape painting it is the same process.

What about the creator/artist?

Does he not reveal himself through His creation?

How better to understand Renoir than to study one of his works.

How better to understand God than to study His works?

Only a criminal fool would destroy Renoir’s Dance At Bougival.

And yet man seemingly has no problem at all when it comes to destroying EARTH the mother of all beauty.

The Mission

If God sent Man out to search and destroy
Then everything else makes sense.
If Odin be He and warriors be we
And He cared not the consequence.

Then we well trained elite have skipped not a beat
As we’ve ravaged and subdued the land.
Turning flora to mud and fauna to crud
We’ve met and exceeded God Odin’s demand.

But what if this God that we cherish
Were the artist who’d just done His best
Not merely a fable that makes us not able
To see the great danger in soiling His nest?


I remember how frightened my Christian friends were when it came to eastern thought so I’d like to offer a free PDF of my book . . . The Tao Te Ching Revisited . . . (You will find a direct link on the side bar.) You’ll find lots of wisdom in the Tao Te Ching, but little if anything to fear.

The book is an effort on my part to make the 81 verses of Lao Tzu’s book understandable to the western mind. It is MY interpretation though and wide open to criticism from the ‘purist.’

The book has 172 pages . . . each of the 81 verses of the Tao Te Ching has, on the opposing page, a quote, poem, illustration, or story.

You can buy a hard copy book directly from, but why do that? Here you can get it for free . . . though I would appreciate a comment on how well you understood it?

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