During my Christian period in the seventies I belonged to one of the many charismatic movements of the day. We called ourselves the ‘End Time Move of God.’ Our doctrine was quite similar to the more established Pentecostal Church. Our main message was ‘death to self’.

The means to doing this was to physically remove ourselves from society and move to a remote wilderness where we would all live in communal bliss until we became at one with God and with each other. . . wow man . . . heady stuff for me at the time.

Well, to make a long story short, it didn’t work folks. It didn’t work for our group, and it won’t work for your group, whether Christian or not, either. To drop the ego and become one with the universe . . . or God . . . or anything else. is ethereal gumbo, it’s bullshit.

“Ego” is a Latin and Greek (ἑγώ) word meaning “I”, often used in English to mean the “self”, “identity” or other related concepts. The only way to kill the ego and accomplish death to self is the old fashioned way of committing suicide and getting your ass planted into the ground.

So when you hear that your ego stands between you and God be forewarned. There are many religions/philosophies these days that advocate ‘death to self’ as if self is what is holding back your absorption into the oneness of creation.

You/I/me/we are not the problem. We are individuals for sure, but we were created individual for a purpose. We are unique in our gifts as well as our looks for a purpose. We are wonderful just the way we are. Ego is not the problem for us, false thinking brought about by listening to false teachers who don’t know what they are talking about is.

A teachers job is to help you through the process of realization, anything else, anybody else who places themselves between you and God is egotism on their part. If you hear the words, “God told me to tell you” . . . run the other way.

Egotism is the feeling or belief that you are better, more important, more talented, etc., than other people . . . this is ignorance and this where the confusion comes in. Egotism is not at all the fullness of ego, it is merely the negative side of ego.

Everything a healthy brain needs to know is programmed into the subconscious mind at birth. It’s instinctual, like all animals. What makes things different for us humans is that we have a ‘choose’ button. Don’t give control of that button to another person, use it to make the right decisions for yourself based upon love, mercy, grace, and kindness.

It’s our job and our responsibility to manifest the positive side of the ego, no one else’s. First, we must learn to love ourselves and we must begin to realize what a powerful spiritual entity we are.

I AM . . . you’re not! = egotism.

I AM . . . and so are you . . . and so are we all = individuality molded into oneness . . . the drop of water recognizing the pond from which it came . . . the person reveling in his individuality while in realization that he/she is one string in this beautiful tapestry called life.

This our mission . . . to remain the individual ego while at the same time being aware that we, as well as all other life forms, are one and the same.

We live within a time frame while on this earth. Why waste that time trying to free ourselves from ego when as individuals we can relish, and enjoy, and learn, and experience, all that life has to offer? Why not jump into the river of life and swim instead?

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