What Can I Do? . . .


Ok, I understand what’s going on in the world. I even somewhat understand what needs to be done to remedy the situation . . . but I am just one person, what in the world can I do about it? How can one person have any affect at all when it comes to real honest to God change in this society?

Well, that’s the question we all ask ourselves when we consider this stuff. Who needs even one more prophet of doom wandering the halls of cyberspace anyways?

Truth is nobody wants your wisdom . . . nobody wants your knowledge . . . nor does anybody particularly need it. (assuming you actually have any to begin with)

They have all spent a vast amount of time building up the particular facade you are now attempting to destroy, and are actually quite annoyed when you begin chopping away at it. Truth is most people find it much easier to blame others for their problems anyways, so forget about it.

People in this country crave diversion, they flock to it like beetles running to a freshly laid dog turd. You want popularity? You want a large readership on your blog? Stick to the simple stuff, throw in as much sex as you can, and you will someday become king of blog hill.

People in this country live in fear. Many don’t even recognize the fear, they are just simply not ready for what you have to give them. You will just make it worse for them.

So back to the question: How can one person have any affect at all when it comes to real honest to God change in our society?

The simple answer is that you can’t. The only power you really have anyway is the power to change yourself, and the good news is, you can start doing that right now, this very moment.

Forget about the preaching. Drop the visions of grandeur. Forget about all that outward bound bullshit and just simply shut up and begin to work on changing yourself. Once you do that, in all earnest, you will come face to face with a power you never knew existed . . . YOU.

It’s not difficult either, you can start the awakening process with just one simple thought in mind . . . BE KIND.

Forget about all that religious or new age stuff. Forget about buying tickets to the latest emotionally charged seminar or retreat. You heard it all before, right? Why continually waste your time and money learning how to be a spiritual phony anyways? Get off the rat wheel.

Forget about everything out there and begin the work in here, that quiet inner place you’ve avoided for so long. That work will make a huge difference in your life, for you, as well as others.

As your vibration changes, people will stop seeing you as an annoyance and enjoy hanging with you. Your quietness will attract more attention than your demand ever did. All that good stuff happens by merely taking one ‘KIND’ step at a time.

Of course you may have to force it at first. Instead of giving the finger to the guy crowding you on the freeway you may have to force a smile, or open the door for the lady who just bumped you with her grocery cart, but . . .

The good news is that on any given day you will have many opportunities to force yourself to be kind, and you know the old saying: practice makes perfect!

Keep forcing and one day it will become natural. You will realize it and you will be proud of your hard work. This will give you the incentive to go further down that road . . . until one day love will no longer be an attention drawing emotion, but a way of life.

Imagine yourself like that, imagine a group of people like that, imagine a city full, a state full, a country full, a world full. Sounds crazy doesn’t it?

Even if it never happens, even on a small scale. If it happens for you, you will depart this planet knowing you were a great success at living.

I have an idea you will be taking your kindness with you too. Because the only things you can take with you are the things you have given away . . . anyway.

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