The Story

This guy is fascinating to me . . . like one day I took a walk in Central Park and discovered a long lost brother from the sixties before everybody was pigeon holed into this huge social trap of sameness. A time when free thought and weirdness was the order of the day. . . . We need more bonobo’s like him to come out of hiding and not be afraid to do it.

Whats YOUR story? . . . . . . . . .

3 thoughts on “The Story

  1. Halleluiah Brother! . . . Hallelu oo oo oo iah, says Shrek.

    Regarding ADam & Eve’s XX & XY Gender factors:
    We SPIRITS are all the first X, there are masculine Xs and feminine Xs and androgynous Xs.
    The second feminine X supplies a womb-Maiden’s body and Nurturing, Romantic feelings,
    whereas the Male animalistic Y gives our Males a fighting chance against our Evil YY Germ Riddled ENEMIES . . .

    Sibyl X

    1. PS. I think it’s vital to be told that only 1st. generation drug-takers find Enlightenment through their extra Ethereal Xs being awakened & Abused (Killed off).
      5th. generation PARANOID ETC. addicts are slowly driven INSANE.

      Sibyl X

      1. PPS.
        Hobo bonobos are 16th. generation’s lost SOULS,
        whereas 16th. generation’s android Silverback Gorilla drug-takers are our Planet of the apes YY MURDERERS.

        Sibyl X

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