The Bible

After many years of wandering in Eastern thought I have decided it is time to re-visit what I once feared to doubt or even to question . . . the Holy Bible.

I’ve been away long enough to no longer believe in the stuff of Christianity as taught by the self possessed, educated men and women of the cloth who have twisted and tainted all that which is freely open to all of us. Those who have instilled, instead of love, mercy, and grace . . . fear, hopelessness and Hell. Those who have used the bible as a battering ram to conformity and control rather than what it has always been . . . the writings of inspired and ancient men attempting to shed light upon the mysteries of God and this place we call home. 

Today, in the times of advanced technology, the bible is quickly growing out of favor because everything is changing to meet the times except it. That means that all that wisdom and understanding is lying dormant.

Read on if you dare. I am going to question a system that I believe to be in a rut millennia deep and if allowed to remain so, will one day cease to be relevant at all . . .  something it does not deserve.

I will share what I know, and what I have thought and experienced, but I gotta tell you I am just a self-taught slob who has never been to preacher school and hold no affiliation to any church or denomination. But I have studied, studied, and more studied the bible, and at one time practically knew the thing by heart.

After that just keep an open mind and read the bible and try to understand the hidden messages within it for yourself. Make this book your own, you’ll be glad one day that you did. There is a magic here like no other book, a freedom that even idiots like Kenneth Copeland and his ilk can’t destroy. . . . lets start with responsibility.


What greater freedom in life could we have than to realize that we alone are responsible for ourselves? No magic, no tricks, no inside track to perfection . . . and no savior.

The latter is important because instead of understanding and utilizing the teachings of Christ we have chosen to avoid all that and just worship his name and rely upon his sacrifice to save us.

No doubt, it does feel good not to have to rely upon ourselves. . . granted, “believe in me and go to heaven” is far more palatable than ” I am responsible for my choices and according to those choices that I make I either receive a blessing . . . or I receive a cursing.”

There is a biblical law called ‘sowing and reaping’ (or karma) that follows every decision, every choice, and every thought we act upon. This life is governed in such a way that every person, regardless of religious affiliation, is absolutely, judgmentally, equal when it comes to living it.


Years ago I was a full bore Christian. As somewhat of a bad actor I was extremely joyful the day I brought Jesus Christ into my life. I was free from all my past sinning. I was free from Hell and on my way to Heaven. WHAT A RUSH! I had just received a get-out-of-prison card and now I could drop all the sinning and live a holy life for Jesus.

After about seven years of church, and even a couple living 24/7’s in a Christian commune I began to realize that although we all worshiped Jesus and promoted ourselves as being a ‘special’ called out people . . . we were in reality no different than those unbelievers I worked with who lived outside the gate, BUT those guys were not holy like me. They drank, cussed, smoked pot, and all that stuff, but when I overlooked the sins and took a look at the sinners, I found I had more in common with them than I did with the people I lived with.

It’s not that I didn’t like those people I lived with. I actually loved a few of them. I think because of doctrinal teachings and a strange code of conduct we just couldn’t be ourselves. There was always a phony pretentiousness that got in the way.

OK, I said all that to say this: One day I was walking alone in the hills surrounding the farm and I began to think religious thoughts like always, but this time it was different . . . I realized that for all that time in the Christian religion . . . I had been a phony . . . I said all the right things, read all the right books, studied the bible till my eyes bled, and spoke to the best of my ability, the language of a good Christian. BUT . . . I was phony clean through and I knew it.

That day was the beginning of the end to my tour upon this planet as a holier than thou born again Christian. I wanted to go back to the dark side and get drunk with my old army buddies, I heard the clarion call of my hippie girl friends . . . I wanted to get high and have fun once again like I used to.

It wasn’t too long after that, that I left the commune and all those, in spite of the religious nonsense, I loved dearly.

After seven years or so in the Christian community, all I took with me were only a few words: You want to be free?  . . . You must realize in a real way that YOU are responsible for your actions in this life. . . . period.

That all happened in the late sixties . . . and to this day some 40 years later those words are still guiding me through this life. Be kind . . . empathetic . . . give a blessing to everybody you come in contact with . . . forget about being perfect, you ain’t. Not even close. . . And above all else realize that you are responsible for your actions and you will suffer or enjoy the fruits of all of them.

My heaven is not out there somewhere after I’m dead . . . my heaven is HERE right now on this planet.

This is the gift God gave to all of us . . .  and this ecological nightmare is the thanks that He/She/It gets for creating it. I no longer have all the answers. I no longer quote scripture, or get caught up in the jargon of the religious. And when it comes to “Father forgive them, for they know what they do?” We DO know what we are doing . . . ..and are about to pay a karmic debt larger and more intense than we will be able to bear.

As designated stewards this planet was created to be our Heaven. We are instead creating our Heaven into our Hell.

Don’t believe it? Look around.

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