About Me

been an airborne soldier…been a hippie . . . been a religious nut . . . been an Alaskan fisherman and off season bush rat . . . been a carpenter/home builder. Am a husband . . . a father . . . a writer . . . a taoist who lost the way . . . looking, still haven’t found what I’m looking for and hope I never do. Meanwhile I write about stuff I’m learning along the Way.

4 thoughts on “About

  1. I’d like to thank you JJ for looking and giving me a little more confidence than i would have if you hadn’t bothered.
    Your opinion counts you see, especially a like which stops you being anonymous.
    I see you have used the word ‘hope’ in your search for something you seem frightened of finding. Maybe it’s something you are denying yourself . . .
    I wish you a few Eureka moments in your learning along the Way.
    Lots of Love & Enlightenment
    Sibyl X

      1. Thank you JJ, and what sparks a little excitement in your Soul has got to be a Good thing.
        After writing all that necessary heavy duty stuff at the beginning (for posterity) I’m enjoying writing little spoonfuls of thoughts that I hope are easier to digest (like a lot of other people are doing). I don’t think they’re good enough to be called poetry but at lest I get a look & a like.
        (That last poem was about my 21 yr old Beloved Grandson, and his little brother is struggling due to Intrinsic & Inherited Trauma Genes. Their greatly loved Sister, my Beloved eldest Grandchild is at university despite struggling with bi-polar GENES from their father.)
        Lots of Love and Hopeful Anticipation
        Sibyl X
        PS. My post, ‘Rhyme & Reason: Melancholy’s Great Sadness & Despair’, is about them. XXX

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