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About Me been an airborne soldier…been a hippie . . . been a religious nut . . . been an Alaskan fisherman and off season bush rat . . . been a carpenter/home builder. Am a husband . . . a father . . . a writer . . . a taoist who lost the way . . . looking, still haven’t found what I’m looking for and hope I never do. Meanwhile I write about stuff I’m learning along the Way. me2More photo’s . . .

Realist vs Dreamer . . .


There are two basic types of believers . . . the realist and the dreamer. The realist sees himself standing with both feet on the ground facing life as it is and making the best of it. He has a hard time buying into the dreamer’s world because many times the dreamer has no foundation under his dreams, they are merely just hopes and wishes.

The realist is the glue that holds societies together. He seeks to improve upon the foundation already laid, and has no desire to try and decipher the ethereal plans of the dreamer.

On the other hand the dreamer lives in a world of ‘what if’s’. His feet are not so solidly planted, and his head is often in a cloud. He sees things as they are, but also what they could become if only . . (more…)

On Warfare

There’s an old favorite Calvin and Hobbes cartoon hanging in my office.

It starts with the two of them walking through the woods on a bright, sunny, winter day. Calvin, being mesmerized by the beauty of it all, stops and gives a long dissertation questioning why mankind had chosen in the first place to sequester himself in houses and cars while living in such overpowering beauty.

Turning to Hobbes he asks. “ That’s why I want to ask you, as a tiger, a wild animal close to nature, what you think we’re put here on earth to do . . . What’s our purpose in life? Why are we here?”

Hobbes thinks for a moment, smiles, raises his arms in the old Italian gesture and replies, “We’re here to devour each other alive.” Then he walks away. (more…)


Recently I read a story about a women who had a near death experience. She died of cancer, went over, came back healed and now tells her story about it. She says above all else just be yourself. You are perfect just the way you are . . . the only judgement from the other side is that which you lay upon yourself . . . that’s it . . . just be yourself. Her name is Anita Moorjani if you’re interested.

I want to be myself. . . but

Who am I?

Am I the tough kid who was born in a housing project that learned to fight and to trust nobody except my friends by the time I was tall enough to reach the doorknob and escape from the hellhole called family? . . . no

Am I the kid who grew up wanting to be an athlete but never made it beyond a third place finish? . . . no

Am I the bad student who had a 130 IQ but always had his girlfriend do his homework for him and who loved to cheat on tests? . . . no (more…)



I live in a small valley surrounded by wooded hills and deep beauty. Over the years I have grown used to the quiet tranquility of this place, but this morning as I walked the dogs I viewed it for what it actually could become.

I walked down my drive and onto the narrow country road like I do every morning. The dogs peed on their favorite spots like they always do. We all started our two mile walk like we always do . . . but halfway down the lane I had what some may call a vision.

As I walked through the area where large trees from either side of the lane touched one another, I looked up into the contrast between dark shade and bright sun and I thought, ‘what could be more beautiful than this planet? Heaven? Not any future heaven I ever heard of could compete with what I have right here, right now.’ This earth as far as beauty goes is all I need. (more…)



I gotta wonder, how in the hell did we ever come up with this idea anyway? Why do we take such nonsense as our truth to begin with?

I mean really, isn’t this whole “accept Jesus Christ as your personal savior or spend eternity in hell” a bit lame when you research the scriptures from where all this stuff comes from?

Now Jesus was a great teacher, perhaps even the greatest, but he was a TEACHER . . . and what greater gift can you give a teacher than to get an A on his test? He don’t need you groveling at his feet he does need you to learn your lessons. Do your homework dammit!

What kind of heavenly father would throw his kids into a dungeon and torture them for all eternity just because they didn’t give him the respect he thought he deserved? My sons don’t give me much respect, but I love them anyway and certainly would not punish them for it. Doesn’t that make me more empathetic than God? (more…)



I am a creator.

We all are.

I create my tomorrows by acting upon the thoughts I have today.

We all do.

Creativity begins with a thought.

Perhaps the universe was created in the same manner?

In the beginning the creator/artist had a thought.

Following the thought came a vision of the work in the artists mind.

Following the vision came the gathering of materials.

Following the gathering of materials came the process of creating.

Following the process of creating came the actual creation.

Whether the universe or a landscape painting it is the same process.

What about the creator/artist?

Does he not reveal himself through His creation?

How better to understand Renoir than to study one of his works.

How better to understand God than to study His works?

Only a criminal fool would destroy Renoir’s Dance At Bougival.

And yet man seemingly has no problem at all when it comes to destroying EARTH the mother of all beauty.



During my Christian period in the seventies I belonged to one of the many charismatic movements of the day. We called ourselves the ‘End Time Move of God.’ Our doctrine was quite similar to the more established Pentecostal Church. Our main message was ‘death to self’.

The means to doing this was to physically remove ourselves from society and move to a remote wilderness where we would all live in communal bliss until we became at one with God and with each other. . . wow man . . . heady stuff for me at the time.

Well, to make a long story short, it didn’t work folks. It didn’t work for our group, and it won’t work for your group, whether Christian or not, either. To drop the ego and become one with the universe . . . or God . . . or anything else. is ethereal gumbo, it’s bullshit. (more…)

Purpose For Debate Page


This rebuttal is not aimed at proving the author’s or anybody else’s belief system wrong . . . my goal is to prove that, what was once considered a solid foundation to the faith, has been compromised and, because of failure to move forward, Christianity has become an anchor stuck in the sands of time. There is more. Jesus said there was . . . Paul and the prophets said there was and the state of today’s Christianity  proves  there is much, much, more.

In this blog I will be discussing only the Christian religion because that is the only one I am fully acquainted with. Islam, Hebrew, and all the rest I can only judge from a distance, but common sense tells me that if they worship the God of love and peace as they say, both have a long way yet to go on their journey.  

I am often going to use scripture as a foundation for this rebuttal. Although I personally see the bible as a compilation of Israeli history in the first part and a history of the ancient church in the second, there is absolutely no doubt in my mind that the book itself was written via the inspiration of holy men who looked to their God for the strength and wisdom to write it. The bible is a special book, but still just a book. The creator of the heavens and the earth cannot possibly be contained within a book that few can read and even fewer fully understand what they’ve just read.

I consider the Old Testament prophets to have been real people who wrote their stories both actual as well as metaphorically and the  book of the New Testament followed suit. In my opinion, although the books are full of knowledge and wisdom on a grand scale, anything else such as “God’s instruction book to mankind,” rather than a story ABOUT God makes it a magical autobiography. I do not believe in magic books.

I DO believe in a magical planet inhabited by a zillion life forms all consisting of that magical quantity called life. All placed in a magical universe the size and breadth of which travels far beyond our puny imaginations to comprehend. I see the same things when I think about the creator of it all and I truly believe the Word can only be viewed in its entirety on the spiritual plain.  

So after all that I might add that I have created this to be open debate because I realize that I do not have full knowledge of anything and am hoping to learn more . . . not argue the fine points, but to look beyond all that and learn, if possible, through open and honest debate.

Following is the rebuttal on the essay in Q&A form  

PS From now all posts will be back dated so they can be confined to the Debate page.

Featured Article


Beauty In The Night

 Halloween story


This story is true . . . I swear.

It was late Friday evening and I’d just walked in the door after a hard afternoon shift at the local factory. I don’t remember exactly where she got the idea, but as soon as I sat down on the couch Patti pulled a game board out of a shopping bag. “Want to have some fun?” she said.

”What’s that?”

”A Ouija board.”

“Ouija board?”

“Yeah, you sit across from each other and ask it questions. You hold one side of this thing, (she held a small rectangular pointer with three legs in her hand) and I hold the other,” she explained. “Then you ask it a question and it will move around the board spelling out an answer from the spirit world.”

“Ok, let’s see if it works,” I said halfheartedly. (more…)

When? . . .


OH MY GOD!! . . .

The greatest storm ever recorded! . . .
10,000 dead and growing . . .
Entire villages flushed away . . .
Death, death, and more death.

I see concern from the media, hear it from from everybody I talk to.
“Oh, my! Those poor people in the Philippines! God help them . . .
Should we send a contribution?

I heard the same thing during the tsunami in Thailand . . .
Nakashima, Japan . . .
The storms on the East Coast . . .
The earthquakes, volcanoes, fires, and floods across the whole planet.

I hear this same shit all the time,
Crops drying up, drought, people being slaughtered in civil wars that make no sense.
Poor ignorant countries being fed guns by the rich, well fed ones so they can kill even better.

I hear this same shit all the time. . .
All the time . . .
All the time.

We check our tv’s for body counts
Like Westmoreland doing a battle report in Vietnam . . .

How many dead? Oh, WOW, man, that’s unbelievable!!
Man we got to do something about it. . .
We got to do something about it . . .
We got to do something about it!
About it!!!