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If you are a naturalist like me it is important that you read this article and take some good advice from Mr. Selco because he has actually lived through much of what we are preparing for.

I have spent a lot of time learning the realities behind good medical care, including herbal treatments and self made medicines. My conclusion is that modern medicine, taken with a bit of common sense far exceeds the ‘all natural’ approach but, and this is a BIG but, we have misused our weapons against infectious disease  to the point we are now losing the battle against all infection.

Through overuse of a good thing we have compromised our immune systems while, at the same time, given bacteria the opportunity to regroup and strengthen their forces. In the war against infection we are losing . . . it behooves us to get our s–t together before infection comes knocking on OUR door.

I’ll be saying more about this in the near future.


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