The Art Of Discussion

debateHow many times have you read “no religion or politics” when looking at the membership rules in a web forum? I mean, you can talk about lots of other things, but two of the most important issues facing us in this life is considered taboo? . . . What’s up with that? Any talk concerning our spiritual well being . . . taboo. Any talk concerning the governing of our physical well being . . . taboo. These two categories are still, even in this supposedly enlightened country, considered unsafe because they always end up causing a heated argument . . . why?

I think it’s because we have forgotten or never (considering our age) learned how to discuss an issue using the old give and take methods of the past. Today it’s an ‘in your face’, ‘I’m right . . . and you’re stupid!’ environment. Today it seems everybody is walking around with their knowledge caps filled to the brim with everything from presidential politics to religion to global warming or any other subject that arises. That’s a shame because in the real world most of us are drowning in falsehoods, and if being honest, barely know our asses from a hole in the ground when it comes to discerning the truth behind the heavy PR media constantly feeds us.

Personally, when I was a young guy I, like the millions of young people around me, gave my mind over to my elders, governors, and preachers, and unquestionably believed what they told me to believe.

Along about 1968 or so the hippie movement came on the scene in my little midwestern industrial town. At first these guys with their long hair were considered to be goofs, but as time went by more and more of my friends disappeared into hippiedom, and I, myself,  ultimately ended up deeply involved in the Portland Ore. scene.  

Because of the coffee house craze in those days, I began for the first time to think for myself. We sat around  tables for hours openly discussing life in general, as well as the serious issues of the day, and all in a quiet, friendly atmosphere. I loved those coffee houses, but the few I see today are a far cry from the original, believe me.

Now, with the advent of the internet and this newly discovered gold mine of information you’d think the young crowd would be spending their valuable time learning, comparing notes, and discussing  all that acquired knowledge among themselves, but do they? To my old eyes they seem to be living their intellectual lives in an ‘all show, no go’ sorta way. The passion they do show seems a bit tainted . . . like a sour note in a composition. Misguided anger is never good . . . paid protesters even worse.

The great discovery for me during my time was the realization that I [we all] have a very far reaching, powerful mind. . . . and it’s ALL mine! [ours] I have learned since that moment to shun the mind controllers and to research and discover for myself what I choose to believe. I have learned to change my mind and thought patterns mid stream if necessary. I have learned that nothing is sacred or untouchable . . . So the question remains, why not religion or politics?

Here’s what I think . . . There are those whose will has always been to control our minds and benefit by doing it. They teach us to be just smart enough to run their machine for them, but too dumb to question why . . . it’s a new form of slavery . . . it’s that simple.

Today, ‘massa’ is teaching us how to belittle, or declare crazy, or anti (anything important to him) He has taught us via his media to consider anybody who doesn’t follow the party line stupid, a conspiracy theorist, racist, bigoted, etc. Today’s current administration has even upped the ante, and we are now being taught to dehumanize anyone who doesn’t agree with us.

In our nation’s early years slaves were considered less than human so that we could mistreat and over work them in our cotton fields. In the military during the Korean/Vietnam war we were taught the ‘gooks’ were less than human so that we could kill them with impunity and know that God was always still on our side, even when we bombed and burned and destroyed them by the thousands. Today in the middle east nothing has changed but the derogatory names we call the enemy.

We NEED to talk about this stuff. We NEED to learn and figure out for ourselves what to think, how to act . . . and we need to learn how to talk and discuss these issues we are facing without belittling everyone else that bears differing reasonings and understandings in the process.

We can change the world only one person at a time, and that change starts with the face in your mirror . . . the time will come when the balance has shifted and the fog has lifted but for now we are in the battle of our lives and few there be who even knows it, and fewer less who understands what it takes to make it happen.


If Your Thoughts And Intentions Can Do This To An Apple, Imagine What They Can Do To Your Body — EWAO

Following is proof to what many of us have been saying about the connection of all things and the power of our thoughts over them, individually as well as corporately. Talking kindly to your plants, hugging a tree, sharing only good thoughts . . . this is not silly stuff. This is absolutely essential stuff that we should ALL be doing, and BETTER be doing if we desire any actual change in the direction this country is going.

If I were given the opportunity to teach my grown kids one thing over. I would teach them at the earliest age about the building blocks of their own abilities and I would lighten up on the religious stuff. I would teach all three of them that they are powerful spiritual entities bearing great responsibility towards the workings on this planet. I would teach them that their lives will be a direct result of their everyday thoughts and that there is no excuse or way out for them. When they choose evil thinking they suffer evil things. When they choose good, they receive good things. It is really that simple.

I must remind myself every morning during my meditation time of this very truth, and I must do all I can to remember NOT to strike back and think evil against anybody. Though I often fail I must continually remind myself every moment of every day, to be kind in every circumstance. . . and so should you.

You might already know that your thoughts are powerful. But one thing is to hear about it, and another is to understand how your thoughts actually create your reality! An excellent documentary called What the Bleep Do We Know!? explains the power behind our thoughts. It explores how matter is not solid in the way…

via If Your Thoughts And Intentions Can Do This To An Apple, Imagine What They Can Do To Your Body — EWAO

Free Your Spirit . . .

free your spirit

The Tao of Coffee

Two scholars spent the better part of an afternoon in a local Portland Starbucks arguing the theories of Evolution versus Creationism. Getting nowhere, they took the advice of the Chinese guy working there and decided to drive to the beach near Astoria to visit a sage named Chung Lee who reputedly had the answers.

The following morning they took off for the beach. Upon arrival, they soon found his cottage hidden amongst the coastal dunes. Although the cottage was empty they spotted the old sage not far away sitting on a high dune facing out to sea.

After approaching him, the old man turned, directed his eyes upon them and asked, “Where’s the coffee?” (more…)

Purpose For Debate Page


This rebuttal is not aimed at proving the author’s or anybody else’s belief system wrong . . . my goal is to prove that, what was once considered a solid foundation to the faith, has been compromised and, because of failure to move forward, Christianity has become an anchor stuck in the sands of time. There is more. Jesus said there was . . . Paul and the prophets said there was and the state of today’s Christianity  proves  there is much, much, more.

In this blog I will be discussing only the Christian religion because that is the only one I am fully acquainted with. Islam, Hebrew, and all the rest I can only judge from a distance, but common sense tells me that if they worship the God of love and peace as they say, both have a long way yet to go on their journey.  

I am often going to use scripture as a foundation for this rebuttal. Although I personally see the bible as a compilation of Israeli history in the first part and a history of the ancient church in the second, there is absolutely no doubt in my mind that the book itself was written via the inspiration of holy men who looked to their God for the strength and wisdom to write it. The bible is a special book, but still just a book. The creator of the heavens and the earth cannot possibly be contained within a book that few can read and even fewer fully understand what they’ve just read.

I consider the Old Testament prophets to have been real people who wrote their stories both actual as well as metaphorically and the  book of the New Testament followed suit. In my opinion, although the books are full of knowledge and wisdom on a grand scale, anything else such as “God’s instruction book to mankind,” rather than a story ABOUT God makes it a magical autobiography. I do not believe in magic books.

I DO believe in a magical planet inhabited by a zillion life forms all consisting of that magical quantity called life. All placed in a magical universe the size and breadth of which travels far beyond our puny imaginations to comprehend. I see the same things when I think about the creator of it all and I truly believe the Word can only be viewed in its entirety on the spiritual plain.  

So after all that I might add that I have created this to be open debate because I realize that I do not have full knowledge of anything and am hoping to learn more . . . not argue the fine points, but to look beyond all that and learn, if possible, through open and honest debate.

Following is the rebuttal on the essay in Q&A form  

PS From now all posts will be back dated so they can be confined to the Debate page.

What To Do?

back to the land

What do representatives of the largest corporations and governments in the world talk about when they sit around the conference table? Well, from what I’ve been hearing, these groups that operate outside the boundary of public scrutiny are actually the guys who create national and foreign policy for the country. All those guys you see daily on TV? . . .  including the president himself? . . . are merely front men.

Hillary Clinton, during a recent interview, was saying how happy she was to hear that the Council On Foreign Relations (CFR) had just opened a Washington office . . . “Now I won’t have to go to New York to find out what I am supposed to do.” she said and laughed.

Dumb me, here I thought the president was the guy who told her what to do. But then, if you think about it, he is only in office eight years max while these people have been around since the sixties. . .

Who are they? Check out their website and you’ll find a long ‘whose who’ list of the rich, famous, and powerful members that you will recognize. These guys operate quietly in the shadows, but don’t hide from the fact that they do so. They are the shadow government. (more…)



In my life I have had many friends of both sexes . . . from my childhood in the housing project, to the military, to the hippy days, to my many years of wandering and wondering, to today where I have few friends at all.

Today I am an old man who spends most of his time alone. If it weren’t for my wife there would be little contact with humanity at all . . . sad I suppose to some, but not so sad to me. People fear getting old and irrelevant like they fear the plague. But I have to say, “Man, I am digging it.” Today I feel more in touch, more connected to the circle of life than ever before.

My friends are still with me, as are my few enemies, but they now live in memory and dreams of past experience . . . and love? . . . well, when love was an emotional experience for me I gave or withheld it at will. It wasn’t until lately, when I found myself alone, that I began to see and to realize that love is not only an emotion, but it is also a state of being. The deeper experience hides from view when constantly being focused by emotion, and only comes to life when one steps back into quiet reflection and gives it the freedom it needs to spread across the entire spectrum of life. This view is a very beautiful place, but can only be experienced out of earshot of the constant babbling of men . . .

And hey, what the hell, if I still need a little bit of emotion I have four dogs, two cats, a wonderful wife, a healthy life, and a whole woods full of critters and creatures surrounding me to bestow my love upon.

So sometime when you’re driving by the old man sitting all alone on his porch staring off into oblivion and you begin to feel sorry for him . . . don’t . . . some of us have actually found what we have been mad dashing across the planet all those years looking for.



The Way Of An Acorn


Today I am adding a “types and shadows” section to this blog . . . not because I consider myself to be a spokesperson for God ( like pastors and preachers of all ilk do when they read from a book and play the “God told me to tell you” game.)  . . . I am a loner and I don’t understand religion at all . . . I DO feel, though, that it is very important for all of us to begin realizing that we are ALL spokespersons for God and our purpose on this planet is not to plunder and rape our mother as we are now doing.

Anyway, since I now see that Creedence Clearwater’s ‘bad moon’ has already risen, I have decided to write (what I consider to be) the reality behind the spiritual lessons our earth mother is trying to teach us.  Her types and shadows are everywhere . . . and they all point in the same direction.. . . . to a God far different and far more mysterious than that old man in the clouds with his hierarchy to heaven. . . . we are in heaven right now, but because we are too dumb to realize it, we have created our heaven into our hell.

Following is a story I wrote some years ago about a people who got lost immediately upon arrival because they chose to worship rather than observe closely and learn the truths contained in this wonderful dimension we find ourselves sharing in. (more…)

Who Am I?

who am i

Who am I anyway? What am I? What’s my purpose . . . or is there even a purpose at all to any of this?

These are a few of the questions I have been asking myself over the years and somewhat (secretly or loudly) trying to figure out. Questions upon questions run through my mind like a junkie chasing his next fix . . . but usually the answers elude me and I have to experience a thing before I learn it’s lesson. . . . bummer . . .

Why can’t I just believe! Have faith! Listen to what they tell me! Read the good book, follow directions and queue up behind my choice of religion along with the rest of the crowd. Then I would just have to pay my tithes, listen to the pied piper and prepare for Heaven . . . or (gasp) follow this path I’m currently on and get sent on a one way trip to Hell. . . . “That’s the choice you have Jimbo . . . get used to the idea of Hell because you ain’t good enough for Heaven! . . . even if you had 15 more lives, you wouldn’t make the grade . . . Of course just say the magic words, ‘I accept Jesus as my personal saviour’ and your in scott free!” (see next installment) (more…)

Who Is God?


Since time began God has been around in one form or another. Depending on when, where, and what age you were born in, you would have received from your elders an entirely different picture of Him . . .

Who is God anyway? This entity with the many names and personalities, this multi-faceted Father of the Universe, this Creator declaring His love, yet demanding our worship or else.

In our time, religious warfare has ravaged the planet. People of differing philosophies are killing one another to prove the point that they are the ‘chosen’ of the God of love and peace . . . What gives? (more…)

You Mean We Are Responsible For This?

willfully-blindMy thought on the birthing of the universe is a simple one: (a) Every creative act we take as a human being begins with a thought so to me that means the creation of the universe also began with a thought, and the Big Bang theory is merely the way science has chosen to explain the “thought” that broke the boundary between spirit and matter to become our physical existence.

In other words : We all, right now, exist in both realms (spirit as well as material) and that none of this, whatever it is that we are experiencing, both good and bad, is ‘by chance’ . . . WE (or our version of a God) have created our physical existence for a reason and that reason is to gain experience. . . . for what I do not know.

We are creators . . . we create our tomorrows by the thoughts we act upon today.

In the material world, we live under laws that were created in the spirit and experience their duality via the action of our own creativity. As in ‘we have created the house and now must live in it’.